Jewelry cleaning

In order to retain the shine and sparkle of your jewelry, it is necessary that you clean them regular with some professional skills.

During the process of jewelry cleaning, you have to notice that the jewelry does not keep in touch with any harmful chemicals such as harsh detergents. The basic method of cleaning jewelry involves cleaning them with a cloth soaked in a mild solution with warm water and soap. You can also use non abrasive jewelry cleaning solution to clean the jewelry. The jewelry is to be dried later by cleaning it thoroughly with a clean cloth. Sometimes soft brushes are used so as to get rid of the superficial dusts. Sometimes this way is not enough for cleaning expensive jewelry such as precious stones and jewelry with intricate work. It is better to ask some advice from professionals.It can be washed with the help of electronic machines ,thus help to restore the sparkles.

If you want to clean the jewelry at home, you can make full use of some household ingredients. You can clean gold jewelry by soaking them in a soapy solution of a mild detergent and warm water for a few minutes. The jewelry is to be then dried thoroughly using a clean cloth. For cleaning silver jewelry, you can submerge the jewelry in a bottle containing solution with warm water, baking soda and salt. Take out the jewelry from the water after 10 minutes, clean it using cold water and dry thoroughly.After all these ,you can take good care of your jewelry.

The jewelry you wear is the mirror that can show your taste and lifestyle, so take good care of your jewelry to maintain the fomer shining.

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